1. Nyx & Erebus

Nyx & Erebus / Sunglasses 
From Architectural features onto sunglasses with abundance of texture/designed by gunkimm

Archifashion Design - Nyx & Erebus

Archifashion team designed sunglasses ‘Nyx & Erebus’

As designers, we often face products that focus on functionality and neglect aesthetics, when our job is to reach out to as many people as possible.

Nyx and Erebus is not only “for” blinds, but we are hoping that they will be able to enjoy this design piece without having to worry about their eyes being seen from others, therefore the side shield exists.

also, the chains and rings are to avoid losing the product, furthermore, the maximalized texture is to enable the exploration of aesthetics through touching.

Our goal is for many people as possible to wear the glasses so that the boundary between blinds and regular consumers would blur out.

Big thanks to our model Hannah Kim, who’s living her life with full passion.

-Archifashion Team-